Karate Kick to Femiracism

Once in a while you can hear a WAAAACHAAA karate kick to the femiracism on the internet.

Of course, Kai, in all of his debating glory, comes full force with this post about Full Frontal Femin-ERRR…Full Frontal Racism.

In sum:

Valenti writes love letter book about feminism.
Amidst the confetti throwing around the naked white torso cover, womyn of color express dissent.
WOC attacked for actually throwing around their opinion not the confetti.

(six months pass)

This Hugo Shmugo character emerges online about his experiences as he teaches FFF in his class; saying his WOC students love it! Take that!
WOC (online) again resurface to reassert their position. TAKE THAT (insert karate kick)
Kai writes up some genius stuff.

Sudy goes YAY over Kai amidst her boiling at the Hugo character’s inability to understand anything that Donna, BFP, and BA state (see Kai’s post to read BA and BFP’s brilliance).

If that doesn’t interest you, just click on it to see some serious ass whooping.

2 thoughts on “Karate Kick to Femiracism

  1. Sudy

    Thanks for stopping by and you are very welcome for the link.

    I admire your open honesty about trying to be aware of WOC perspective and our words. Thank you for that.

    As for the controversy over FFF, I personally have a million things to say about the book, but here’s my main throttle: it was written by a liberal white woman who wrote for hopefully-liberal-someday white young women. It’s not for everyone and I’m tired of a target-selective book for white women being talked about as if it’s universal.

    There are so many brilliant, insightful, visionary works by WOC that are never acknowledged. It’s infuriating to me and insulting to those women writers to spend so much time on a book that wasn’t written for WOC in the first place.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Verging Writer

    Thanks for the link, Sudi. I was unaware of this particular controversy or the book. As a white feminist I try very hard to at all times be conscious of the point of view of WOC & my students of color. I can not claim to always “get it right” so I am therefore very grateful for the link and having the chance to read the comments of feminists on this issue. Much to consider & be mindful of.

    Thanks, Sudi.

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