Catching Up

Oh, I’m so behind.

It’s been awhile since the last post and everytime I remember that I need to write something, I chide myself, “Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will.”

Of course tomorrow becomes tomorrow becomes tomorrow.

Today is tomorrow.

So, where did we leave off?

Oh yes, three weekends ago, my parents came in from Pennsylvania to visit and it was wonderful, of course. They loved our apartment. They loved Boston. They loved that my commute is 3 flights of stairs. They loved that Nick takes the train to school everyday. They loved that there is a park across the street. They loved everything.

Rog and Jan Borchers followed suit the weekend after my parents. Unfortunately, for Rob and Jan, Boston decided to show its nasty side. It was cold, rainy, and grey all day and that didn’t afford much alternatives for entertainment. Buckeye fans don’t lose heart that easily though. We poofed out the umbrellas and slugged it up to GAME ON, a bar that exclusively shows OSU games on Saturdays. We cheered the Bucks to beat the pants off Wisconsin and gleefully watched Wisconsin fans become more solemn in the bar.

I was on duty the weekend Rob and Jan were in town and unfortunately was called into work that night so I was unable to make it to dinner with them. Leaky windows from the rain, maintenance issues, and a student mugging incident will do that. Ugh.

And that concludes 5 consecutive wonderful weeks of family visitors.

This past weekend, Nick curled up to his beloved texts and powered through a 25 pg. paper while I hopped onto a bus and spent Veteran’s weekend in New York City with some of my closest friends from childhood. It was refreshing to get away from my job and to visit with some old buds who know me well. Nick was couch-slapping and texting his sorrow over the Bucks loss to Illinois. My cell phone was in orange alert danger of being thrown against a wall when I received that text. BOOO. I hate losing.

One of my RAs who loves Michigan (poor infected soul), loves to razz on Nick about Saturday’s game. Nick just shakes his head and tries to be friendly to my RAs but inside I know he wants to throw some Tressel vs. Carr statistic. I admire his benevolence. Me? I tell my pro-Michigan RAs to shove it and talk to me after Saturday.

We’re leaving for Ohio on Tuesday evening. We’ll be in Russia all day Wednesday and for Thanksgiving morning/early afternoon. After that, we’ll head to Massillon to be with my family for Thursday evening and all day Friday. Departing out of Columbus at the crack of dawn on Saturday, we’ll fly back to Boston for a wedding (one of my co-workers) Saturday night. The busy-ness never ends.

Nick and I decided that likely this will be the last Thanksgiving that we try to split between families because it’s way too hectic and we don’t get time with either family. Beginning next year, we’ll switch off Thanksgiving and Easter between families, but continue to split Christmas holidays.

So, Factoras and Borchers families beware: come 2008 you’ll either have us for the turkey or the resurrection.

See some of you next week!