Pinay Power Here

I just surfed the web for nearly 2 hour straight after I googled “Pinay News.”

Two things:

Good LAWD there’s a lot out there


Good LAWD there’s not much out there.

Let’s start with the positive:
Smiling and proud, I am glad to say my list of Pinay resources in my link list is growing. Just in case more Pinays decide to stop by, you can find a healthy and growing abundance of goodness right here. There are several threads and blogs out there that provide strong, live evidence of the Pinay fighting spirit. Mabuhay! ::brown fists throw high::

The downers:
Frowning and brow furrowed, my search confirms my belief that Filipinas are still fighting the domestic and degraded sex-idol image. There are only mountains ahead. The erotic and exotic Filipina concept simply drenches the internet right now. And I’m on a campaign to change that. I’m going to entitle my posts with as many Pinay, Filipina, and Fil-Am, APIA women-centered issues as I can so I can make a dent in this expanding internet. Somewhere, there is a young Filipina surfing the internet just like me. I refuse to let the cheap advertisements help define her. I refuse.

There is energy out there. A lot of energy. There are artists, photographers, dancers, philosophers, and cartoonists fighting to dispel the Filipina demure image and replace it with more fierce, hilarious, intellectual REAL womyn.


4 thoughts on “Pinay Power Here

  1. Sudy


    Thanks for adding me in your blogroll and thanks for the support. I look forward to stopping by your site a lot more.

  2. misscripchick

    there is a shirt i really want to order online. it reads “I WILL NOT LOVE YOU LONG TIME.”

  3. Joan Kelly

    love this post.

  4. cheh

    Hi Sudy,

    Thank you very much for dropping in and including my blog in to your list.I just added you to my blogroll as well I hope you don’t mind.

    I’m 100% with you on this campaign! Way to Go Pinay!:)

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