What Would Happen If I Were Pregnant

This week I thought I might be pregnant.
This week I thought about what that would mean.

I thought about bringing another life into the world,
and I laughed.

I must be crazy.

Those shoes at Tannery are too expensive so I pass them buy.
Who’s honking at me?
There’s the windsurfer guy again.

What would happen if I were pregnant?

She’s staring at me.
Another CVS.
Free the Jena 6 banner hung on a building.

I can’t fathom a life growing inside me.

My feet are beginning to hurt.
That man acted so annoyed when I asked him for the time.
What percentage of the walkers plugs their ears with white Ipod wires to drown out the world?

Is it true you can’t eat sushi if you’re pregnant?
Everyone would be so excited.
Could I be excited once I get past my fear?

What if I can’t make enough space in my life for a child?
What will this child learn from me?
What if I die?

How will we do this?

I heard sausage is sheathed in animal intestine.
There are many asians on this street.
Down with Walgreens.

I want my body to belong to me.
How can I be so selfish?
This child will be Brown.

What will change?
Everything I know.

I walk further down Boylston and wonder what everyone else is thinking.