Seriously Football

If you know the Borchers side at all, meaning, if you know Nick at all, you know that autumn means two reliefs come into our lives: cooler weather and Ohio State Football.

There are football fans and then there are Football Fans.


As he is now 2 weeks into theologizing, if that’s a word, his mind for the next five years, I sometimes worry that he’ll begin to take life too seriously. Seriously, talking about Augustine and the ethical facets of Rwandan genocide are definitely not the most light of topics.

So we watch Tiger and boo Phil, laugh at 0-2 Michigan, and wag our index finger at Belichek. I like to think that sports, sometimes, provides a nice break from the seriousness of our lives. I also think he likes to pretend he doesn’t take sports as seriously as he did before, but when I hear:

[couch slap] “GOSH DANGIT BENGALS, why don’t you at least try to block once in while?”

I begin to wonder,

is he getting proper respite?

So, I worry about the level of fun in our lives and try to make sure we have appropriate levels of sarcasm and pop culture to balance us out. I had him sit in front of our new baby – the laptop we just purchased (which we LOVE) – that has all sorts of fancy gadgets. We started experimenting with the distortion tools and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Now, if Michigan goes to 0-3 against the Irish today, you’ll hear our guffawing from Boston.