Goodbye to Summer

It’s only official in our books: Summer is Over.

Wedding season is over, thus our travels calm down a bit. And as Nick said today, “Classes have started, today I had to wear a sweatshirt, and football is on. There. It’s Fall.”


I stayed put last weekend while Nick partied it up in Akron for Allio and Christina’s wedding. Pelvic thrust dance moves by Goatee was probably the highlight of Nick’s storytelling when he came home.

This past weekend, it was my turn to head home to Massillon to see a childhood friend marry in our hometown church. A gradeschool and highschool reunion unfolded. That was interesting. “Hi, I haven’t seen you since 1994, how’s your life been going since then?”

As nice as it was to get away, it does feel good to be back with schedules just beginning to solidify into routines. We’ve been quite the movie goers lately. On Copley Square last week, there were free outdoor film showings and we parked our blankets and watched Raising Arizona and Napolean Dynamite on two separate nights. We even managed to go see Halloween that just opened in the theaters, as well. Even though I was curled in a fetal position and covering my eyes for over half of it, we both gave it two very big thumbs up.

And so summer is drawing to a close and, honestly, that is just fine with us. This picture was taken in the daawwwggg days of summer. We were biking around Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles and we took a break. Santa Monica pier has a ferris wheel and all kinds of crazy stuff right on its pier. As Nick read his latest 78lb. novel and I picked up my camera, we lazed around for a few hours.

Adios a el verano.