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Womyn of Color seeks sharp and stimulating Debater. Are you trying to cleanse yourself about your place in the feMovement? Are you hoping to share your rage, joy, findings with a curious stranger needing to debate the angles and finagling of feminism? Are you convinced in your position that the feMovement should be abandoned? Are you convinced that the feMovement is exactly where we ALL need to be? Do you have a self-def for your womyn-centered activism? Are you looking to convince someone of your stance and reasoning? If so, contact Sudy, an unusually deep sleeper who woke up, literally, screaming in the middle of the night, wondering, wandering, afraid she was lost. And upon further reflection this morning, decided that she is and therefore needs to find her home in or away from Feminism. Contact for further details.

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  1. Fal

    Hello Sudy,
    My name is Fallon and I’m organizing with other women of color around the Dunbar Gang Rapes and West Virginia Torture/Rape
    case. Well, I was wondering if you have time to participate in a phone conference on Friday, September 28, 2007 at 9pm/central about
    organizing to end silences surrounding Megan Williams’ torture and rape in Logan and the gang rape of several Black women in West Palm Beach Florida as well as stories that go unheard because it involves a woman of color such as the Newark imprisonment of the four lesbians for protecting themselves from a male aggressor.

    Well, I’ve been circulating a 2 minute movie entitled, “How do you keep a Social Movement Alive.”
    This movie documents the silence surrounding Megan Williams’ torture and rape in Logan and the gang rape of several Black women in West Palm Beach Florida. The purpose of this movie is to document the silences within our relationships, within our homes, within our families, within our communities, within our jobs, within our schools, within our churches, temples, and synagogues, within our governments, and within our world.

    Also, I love the energy of your blog and was wondering if I could speak with you about tips on designing a blog that will be dedicated to documenting silences. But given the organizing we are trying to do, I need to reorganize the blog and use wordpress instead of blogger. This is the current blog,

    I look forward to connecting with you,
    You can email me at

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