Adjusting to Beantown

Nick and I have moved around a lot.

In 2004, I moved from Boston to Cincy and lived in Clifton and he lived in Norwood. When we got married, we suffered a double case of selective amnesia and thought that COLERAIN would be a good idea for residency. When we came to our senses that we would rather live in cardboard boxes on U. of Michigan’s campus than Colerain, we moved again. This time, we took our time in our research and chose Forest Park. Three time’s a charm.

Now, we’re back in Boston and this is our new home. The glass windows start on level 3 and we live on 5 off to the far right. That’s us. A highrise. It’s nice. We have a beautiful view of the Boston Common, right across the street.

Specifically, we’re in the theater district. That means big excitement from me and an occassional, “That could be cool,” from Nick.
If you squint and look hard at the first picture you can see two vertical flags, one yellow and one purple, that designate it as property of Emerson College, where I work. I am in charge of the lower half of the building and work with several other folks in running this urban campus. Emerson is a specialized school, meaning they concentrate mostly on communication and art: theater, journalism, digital media, photography, and performance. (I get to take amazing art courses for free at some of the best schools in the city. Sweeeeeet!)

Adjusting to the city can be a big much. You must get used to a lot of things living in downtown Boston. So, when you come visit, be ready for a couple of things:

1. An insane amount of noisy tourists. Duck Tours, with their absurdly decorated car/boats (see picture 3) are pretty popular, but try living on a street when they pass about 8-12 times a day and you hear the riders scream, “QUACK QUACK QUACK.” Yeah, you get the idea. A.n.n.o.y.i.n.g.

2. The movie references. The statehouse (see pic 4) is right across the street and we have a gleaming view of it and everytime I see it, I think of the end of The Departed. And everyone talks about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck like they are social justice heroes. Good Will Hunting is referenced at least once a week. It’s life. We’re growing accustomed to it.
무료 바카라 게임
Overall though, things have been very intense and hectic. While I work insane hours and Nick is getting our apartment, banks, mail, and such in order, we’ve tried to maintain positive attitudes. Nick starts his program on Tuesday and I am continuing to work on establishing my writing career. So, our lives are just unfolding and getting more and more interesting everday.

Tune in for more later, but leave us a message first!