Spotlighting WOC Feminist Authors

Because if one more person gives me a book about feminism written for young women in which YOUNG women of color are given a sideglance

Because if I bitch anymore without offering options

Because if I don’t do my part in highlight women of color who are standing up and speaking out


Want to give young women of color books to read where they may feel more at home with the author?

Here’s an option, order a copy or download the entire work of a woman from Advocates for Youth

Marcela Howard’s, “Walk in My Shoes: A Black Activist’s Guide for Surviving the Women’s Movement.”

I have yet to finish it in its entirety, but this is a series of essays meant for a younger crowd, a telling of why one woman of color stayed with the Women’s and Reproductive Rights Movement despite its history of racial exclusion.

3 thoughts on “Spotlighting WOC Feminist Authors

  1. Sudy


  2. Blackamazon

    can i ad these to COra’s book list section?

  3. nadia

    i recommend ‘food for our grandmothers,’ writings by arab american/canadian feminists.

    i’ve never read ‘colonize this,’ but it’s on my list.

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