Always Gendering

In my travels to the west coast, I traveled to the most indulgent city EVVVVERRRR, Las Vegas.

Despite my first time luck at the slots, I was more interested in the surrounding images. My feminist camera clicked clicked clicked to make the seemingly unknown connections between images, power, and gender for the common gambler. The sexualizing of everything woman, the porn industry mainstreaming into shopping malls – it’s enough to make one feminist crazy. What do womyn do with all images, money, gendering, cheapening, and power?

Well, there’s at least one billboard that tries to help. After a while, this feminist photographer started getting a bit sick to her stomach and stopped clicking. It’s hard to imagine how some folks still don’t GET IT when it comes to the sexualization of women.

As with the rest of the world, I left Vegas loving it and hating it. I’m awesome like that. I do a great job of living in the grey.

2 thoughts on “Always Gendering

  1. Sudy


    Thanks for coming out of the shadows of the lurks and commenting.

    I have to give you a more full update. But for now, for here: Things are…good. Yes, GOOD. I just need a good shower and some sleep, and also about a week to organize my life.

    Your blogging friend from real life too,

  2. Leah

    Hey Sudy,

    Thanks for the posts – well written, eloquent and on point as usual. Sorry that I have been only lurking before now.

    I always enjoy reading your blog.

    How is the job going? Are you starting to settle in? (btw – did you get the job you were excited about when we had lunch back in the old haunts?)

    Your blogging friend from real life too,


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