12 thoughts on “Community

  1. Donna Darko

    thanks, bfp! that’s why i love that picture besides looking unusually psychotic and happy. i just learned BFP means big fat positive in women’s fertility circles. very fitting.

    sudy, you’re kicking ass these days.

  2. pinkblog

    good times.

  3. Kismet.4

    :) Thanks!

    무료 바카라 게임http://waiting2speak.blogspot.com/

    i will try to represent right!

  4. Sudy

    link away! welcome!

  5. Kismet.4

    hello all, a bloggette-artivist-insurgent named Johonna McCants went to the caucus and put me on to it and to this blog (and others: like brownfemipoer and fabulosa mujer).

    I am so blown away and happy to find other radical women of color bloggers! Wow.

    I am new to this, so forgive me for anything improper I do. Is it okay to leave a link to my blog here?

    all blessings and praise mijas,

  6. brownfemi

    ps donna, that’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing.

  7. brownfemi

    i LOOOOOOVE these pictures–I LOOVE them. I’m gonna print them out or something and hang them in my office…i love them.

  8. Donna Darko

    your pictures and blog are absolutely beautiful.

  9. Sudy

    No worries! We’ll all arrange another conference so we all can meet up and I will be there snapping more pics!

    *blush* Thanks…XOXO….

    No prob! I’m so glad you like them! Share at will! just be sure to tag/link them to my blog or note my name “Sudy” as the photographer…

  10. fab

    Sudy, you rocking, seriously, these are some nice pictures.

    Can I share these on my blog?

  11. Blackamazon

    You are made of teh win

  12. AradhanaD

    so beautiful! I wish I was there…. :(

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